January 23, 2008

Did Indians endanger soldiers?

Did defective helmets endanger lives?An Indian tribe named Spirit Lake Tribe owns a defense firm name Sioux Manufacturing Corporation. This company was paid $53 million to supply Kevlar shields to be used in helmets worn by the military.

The government contract had specifications dictating that a certain number of woven yarns be of finished protective synthetic fiber cloth, known as Kevlar. The contract also required Sioux Manufacturing to certify on each invoice that the required number of strands were used.

In June 2006, federal agents raided the plant based upon allegations by two employees of the company that Sioux Manufacturing was not always meeting the number of strands of woven yarns.

After completing its investigation, the government concluded that the company failed to follow contract specifications by reducing the amount of Kevlar.


Anonymous said...

Please spread the word about the PASGT helmets. According to two of the company's former employees, the company shorted an average of 11,000 strands of Kevlar from the helmets of as many as 2.2 million soldiers. In support of their claims, they secured tape recorded admissions from the company's employees, internal inspection reports, and more. To get the details, and see proof, go to www.FederalFraud.com, click on "In The News" and read about the Sioux Manufacturing case. Please spread the news so that if any soldiers are still wearing PASGT helmets, they can do whatever is necessary to protect themselves.

Rob said...

You've spread the word for us, Anonymous.