August 05, 2008

White Wolf's Native View

TV program with local roots now reaches across MontanaOn Thanksgiving Day of 2006, Shawn White Wolf thought a TV show from a Native perspective about their own current events and people was needed: and the idea of "Native View" was born.

"I called my friend, Calvin Two Teeth, with my idea," he said. "I think he must have thought I was nuts, but he took to my idea. White Wolf Media Productions was then created. We launched our first show on January 17, 2007," and it aired on a local Helena station.
And:The show has grown from a local weekly show aired on the Helena Civic Television station to a statewide program on the Big Sky channel with advertisements for the show, thanks in part to Bill Bresnan of the Bresnan Communications cable company. The show will expand to all of the reservations as Bresnan provides service to them.Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Documentaries and News.

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