January 29, 2009

Chauntal's Doritos commercials

From an e-mail forwarded to me:"First Date"

"American Nachos"

"Delta Doritos Sorority"

"Doritos or My Sister?"

Midnyte Projekt Entertainment and Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl Competition" would like to present the following commercials directed and produced by award winning filmmaker Eddie Mariano and Midnyte Projekt Ent.: Edwin Mariano, Alex Aime, Chauntal Lewis, Robert Taylor Higgins, Angela Nikas, Jacob Motsinger, and Joe Nance.

Please visit the links to check out the commercials that we have entered in the competition. The TV spots that attract the most views and popularity,will be nominated for a chance to air during the Super Bowl XLIII, on February 1st, 2009, live [in] Tampa, FL. Your support is essential, and greatly appreciated!

Website: www.chauntal.com

*Chauntal Lewis*
Comment:  Give the videos about ten seconds to load, and you may have to click the play button to start them.

As you may recall, Chauntal entertained and won an award at the 2008 FAITA ceremony. She stirred a controversy because some in the audience didn't think she looked or acted "Indian" enough.

For criticism of a previous Doritos commercial, see Message to Aliens:  Conquer Us. For more Chauntal, see her highlight reel of video clips below.

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