January 18, 2009

SoCal's Native film festivals

Southern California’s the place for Native movies

Annual events showcase indigenous filmmakingThese days Native filmmaking is blossoming. Across the continent you can find a dozen or more festivals dedicated to the field. But with four annual events--three festivals and a competition--Southern California is becoming the go-to place for Native filmmakers to showcase their work.

Here’s a survey of the local scene:

Festival of Native Film & Culture
Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

Creative Spirit Script-to-Screen Initiative
Southern California Indian Center

Los Angeles Skins Fest
Barcid Foundation

Los Angeles Red Nation Film Festival
Red Nation Celebration
Comment:  I wrote this article, so read it.

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

Below:  Joanelle Romero of Red Nation Celebration.

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