January 18, 2009

Proud of Tuff Harris

Just plain Tuff

Tennessee Titans defensive back uses versatility and hard work as strategies for successHarris and his wife Mary spend part of the off-season each year with young people on the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations. He has visited the Crow Nation Boys & Girls Club, and the Big Horn Optimist Club of Hardin. He also works with Whitefish Winter Classic, a celebrity-driven organization that benefits children of disadvantaged Montana families.

“I miss the people when I’m away; I miss my childhood friends and the people that would come and give their support.”

Harris was also honored in 2008 in a traditional ceremony back home while his uncles from the Greasy Mouth Clan sang for him. His family, tribal officials, and many friends attended the festivities during which, Apsaalooke Tribal Chairman Carl Venne and other officials bestowed gifts upon him for his accomplishments.

“Recognizing Tuff’s contributions has been a good thing for Native youth. Everyone in this tribe is proud of him,” Venne said. Tribal Secretary Scott Russell pointed out, “Tuff not only is successful in achieving his (athletic) goals but has acquired a degree in sociology, a very important note.” Russell believes Harris is successfully challenging the widely-held notion that American Indians cannot rise above the many academic challenges they face.
Comment:  So Harris has a sociology degree and gives some of his time to youth groups. These things are more admirable than his being an NFL reserve player.

I still say the chief's bonnet is way over the top as well as stereotypical. Since when do you wear revered feathers to sign footballs for fans?

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