February 11, 2009

Anti-mascot bill killed

Senate Bill 765 dies before it has a chance to be heardThe Anti Mascot bill was defeated before it had a chance to have a hearing. Sen. Glen Coffee assigned it to the senate education bill.

Before it went there it was stripped down to nothing but one sentence. We would have had to fight for all our amendments.

We were due to meet Monday morning for a hearing but the Senate Education Chairman said he was even going to hear the bill because he believed the issue should be handled locally. It was the most cowardly act by a public servant I've heard in a long time. There were many Senators who were willing to vote for this bill.
Comment:  Is there anyone who says "This issue should be handled locally" who doesn't mean "I'd vote against this bill in a second, but I don't want to go on the record as a racist"?

For more on the subject, see Team Names and Mascots.

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dmarks said...

What I don't like about this bill is that it delegates decision-making to private organizations. I'd rather see the standards defined in such a bill, rather than handed off like that.