February 11, 2009

Native spirituality is "demonic"?

Author explores Native American spirituality

Author Nanci Des Gerlaise grew up as the descendant of a long line of medicine men. She describes in "Muddy Waters" how she broke free.Dreamcatchers, sweat lodges, ancestral spirits, alcoholism, and abuse: author Nanci Des Gerlaise grew up with them all. Her new book, "Muddy Waters: An Insider's View of North American Native Spirituality," which according to a news release exposes the current awakening and popularity of occult concepts borrowed from her Native roots.

"The focal point of my book is an appeal to the Christian audience to turn away from Native Spirituality and its demonic influences; I also want to equip them with the knowledge of how to deal with those in bondage to Native Spirituality."

In recent years, Des Gerlaise has noticed the trend of Native Spirituality slowly seeping into the public school systems under the guise of multiculturalism. She finds Christian's acceptance of Native Spirituality even more disturbing.

"My book exposes the current awakening and popularity of occult concepts and techniques in our culture. It's happening in many churches through the 'Emergent Church' movement. This new spirituality is the age-old evil of the occult just dressed up in another garb."
Comment:  Yeah, Native religions are "demonic." Because dreamcatchers, sweat lodges, and ancestral spirits are totally different from crosses, monasteries, and saints. After all, crosses are made of pointy sticks while dreamcatchers are made of round-y sticks...see, totally different!

I trust the stupidity of this posting is self-evident. Please don't make me explain how one person's demonic cult is another person's "noble" religion.

For more on the subject, see Native Truth vs. Christian Lies and "Primitive" Indian Religion.

Below:  Notice all the sixes hidden in the web? "666"...what does that tell you?


Anonymous said...

Every colonized culture produces sad types like these; their mind set is simply 'colonizer = good, my actual culture = bad'.

dmarks said...

"....dreamcatchers, sweat lodges, and ancestral spirits...."

But these have been badly co-opted by wannabe new-agers, and cheap made-in-China dreamcatchers abound.

If Nanci Des Gerlaise has some wrath to direct, perhaps it should be generated at these.