February 10, 2009

Skyhawk honored for Native advocacy

Multicultural Motion Picture Assn. To Honor Sonny SkyhawkThe Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) will be honoring prolific Native American actor, producer, and long-time activist Sonny Skyhawk (enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Nation) at its annual MMPA Oscar Week Scholarship luncheon on Friday, February 20, 2009 at 12:00 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Academy Award nominees past and present will once again be in full force, along with honorees in various fields for their leadership and philanthropic contributions and work on behalf of the MMPA. Among those include Sonny Skyhawk for his many years on the front lines of Native American actors rights and his tireless efforts to forge the goals of inclusion and mentorship with regard to up-and-coming Native actors.

For the past 35 years Sonny Skyhawk has enjoyed a great career in the film and television industries, and has worked, tirelessly, to improve the image of the American Indian, starting out as an extra in movies, he went on to study advanced acting at the Pasadena Playhouse and has appeared in over 58 films and in countless television programs. Skyhawk is both a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and currently serves as the Chairman of the President’s Task Force for American Indians at the Screen Actors Guild.
Comment:  A couple of people have told me that Skyhawk actually has done little or nothing to help Indians. He gets paid as an Indian consultant on productions to give them a veneer of credibility, but that's about it.

As a Hollywood outsider, I have no idea if these claims are true. I await further evidence on the matter.

Skyhawk has only 14 roles listed on IMDB--none major and none since 2001. I'd guess that most of his appearances "in over 58 films and in countless television programs" were as uncredited extras.

I think he knows who I am, but he generally looks through me when we attend the same event. That isn't a terribly smart move if you want to get good publicity in this blog. <g>

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

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Anonymous said...

I have known of Sonny and have served with him on the diversity committee here in Los Angeles . He has a very negative reputation with the fellow committee members and was voted to be dismissed from the chairman of committee. It's unfortunate that these controversy's are among are people since it is so difficult to move the American Indian Actor forward in the industry. You can check me out . My resume will pretty much speak for itself. I have been a member of SAG since 1971. All my work in TV and films has either been feature, co-star, or guest Star. I don't wish to sound my horn but the comments about Sonny are definitely confusing . There are Indian actors like myself who put acting in the front and my Indian ancestry (although very proud) stays proudly in my heart. I am an AMERICAN INDIAN ACTOR,but I am a ACTOR FIRST.
Best Wishes Ronald Joseph