July 08, 2009

Greenpeace spotlights South Dakota

Melvin Martin:  Praise for Greenpeace in Rapid CityAs a long-time, behind-the-scenes activist who is deeply concerned about the current (and historical) state-of-affairs in and around Rapid City, South Dakota (in my humble estimation, the most anti-Indian place in all of North America), I proudly salute the Greenpeace organization for their courageous, timely and highly commendable actions taken Wednesday morning at the so-called Mount Rushmore National Monument.

Greenpeace’s political and pro-environmental statement has already resonated around the world via the wonder of today’s global communicative capacities. And it is also quite an extraordinary feat of technical prowess to unfurl a 2,275 square foot banner at such an altitude at a location that is ostensibly highly protected by “the most powerful nation in the world” in terms of its symbolic value as a “terror target.” Again, Greenpeace--I proudly salute you!

My heart now, that not only soars with great joy at this particular demonstration, is also filled with a great expectation that the whole world will become quite curious as to other issues that are related to so-called “radical and leftist causes” there--such as the horrible legacy of racism towards the American Indian population of western South Dakota. I have extremely high hopes that millions of curious eyes world-wide will now focus much-needed attention on this part of the country and on this city specifically.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see BB Shootings = Tip of Iceberg and "Gooks" Assaulted with BBs, Urine.

Below:  Another message sent via Mt. Rushmore.

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