February 09, 2010

What if Avatar starred Trudy?

Of Avatars, Of Bodies, Of Heroes--Part 1

By Tamiko Beyer[W]hat if--I started thinking--what if Trudy were the main character?

As a Latina, her joining forces with the Na’vi would be an exciting act of solidarity. She would come to see that those who would colonize Pandora are the same as those who had colonized her ancestors. And she would hop on Toruk, the wild and ferocious dragon-like creature, and fly off to defeat the colonizers once and for all.

And why assume heterosexuality on Pandora? Any society as advanced as the Na’vi would clearly recognize and honor all sexualities. Let’s have Trudy and Neytiri fall in love–-we can keep the same plot developments with of the jealous warrior/boyfriend, and the magical night under the luminescent Tree of Voices.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The White Messiah Fable and White Guilt in Avatar.

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Ojibwe Confessions said...

Brown people sure are beautiful. As you can see in the picture of Michelle Rodriquez. I think (will smith, denzel washington exceptions) Hollywood still does not believe a brown person can bring in the bucks as a lead in a movie.