March 28, 2010

2010 Aboriginal Achievement Awards

Awards to honour aboriginal achieversInuit artist Kannanginak Pootoogook and Blackfoot cultural leader Tom Crane Bear are among this year's recipients of the 17th annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards in Regina on Friday.

Pootoogook is the son of Joseph Pootoogook—one of the founders of Cape Dorset artist colony. He is a painter, engraver and lithographer, particularly of wildlife art. His work documents the Inuit way of life, the land and the environment.

Tom Crane Bear served as an elder adviser for the Siksika Nation and for the Banff Centre's aboriginal programs contributing to cross-cultural collaboration. Crane Bear brings his knowledge of the Blackfoot heritage to work with aboriginal youth and counselling in Alberta and Ontario prisons.

Métis actress Andrea Menard from the supernatural drama-series Rabbit Fall and actor Raoul Trujillo from True Blood will host the event. Performers will include singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie, who won the Lifelong Contribution to Aboriginal Music Award in 2008. Also performing are country music artist Crystal Shawanda, actor/director Michael Greyeyes, with actor Lorne Cardinal, best known for his character Davis Quinton on Corner Gas.
National Aboriginal Achievement Awards presented in Regina

Comment:  For more on the subject, see 2009 Aboriginal Achievement Awards.

Below:  "Actress and singer Andrea Menard rehearses on stage in Regina before the awards ceremony Friday. Actress and singer Andrea Menard rehearses on stage in Regina before the awards ceremony Friday." (CBC)

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