March 29, 2010

Algonquin rapper rocks China

Algonquin rapper rocks China

By Doug MeigsSamian came to China to share the story of his people. His people are the Abitibiwinni (Algonquin) of Canada’s Quebec Province.

Samian–aka Samuel Tremblay–joined a group of musicians for a whirlwind tour of seven Chinese cities. The International Organization of the Francophonie sponsored La Fête de la Francophonie, a roving festival showcasing the French-speaking world’s shared linguistic culture. Samian represents Canada. He joined an electro-pop singer from Belgium (Labiur) and a hip-hop trio from France (Al K Traxx).

“Maybe I’m an ambassador for Canada, though I’d prefer to be an ambassador for First Nations; French is okay, but my pride is when I rap in Algonquin.”
Comment:  For more on Native rappers, see Litefoot Dispels Stereotypes and Tribal Youth Music Academy.

Below:  "Samian (right) is seen here with fellow Quebec rapper Anodojay (aka Steve Jolin). In May, Samian will be releasing his second album on Anodajay’s 7ième Ciel Records." (Photos by Doug Meigs)

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Anonymous said...

I love rap music. I enjoy some of Litefoot's albums and one of my faves by him is "Seeing Red", the first 3 trax on that one was the best. Other Native rappers, I like Nomandik's first album and I love the 2nd song in Red Suspect's 'Retaliate' album.