March 18, 2010

Brian Wescott, Charlie Hill, and Ishi

Film crew in Oroville working on PBS series about modern American Indian history

By Mary WestonA writer, director, several producers and a stand-up comedian have gotten together for what sounds like a sensitive, provocative and entertaining documentary about modern American Indian history.

Katahdin Productions is shooting the promotional film for "We Shall Remain, Smoke Signals and Skins" in Oroville this week.

Tuesday, Brian Wescott, writer and producer, and actor Charlie Hill talked about the upcoming PBS documentary at the Lake Oroville Visitor's Center ... while sharing knock-knock jokes.
And:"So many of the stories about American Indians happened after the turn of the century, so we decided to take that as the beginning," Wescott said.

The promotional film Katahdin is shooting in Oroville revolves around Ishi, the last Yahi Indian who came into Oroville in 1911.

The film focuses on the recent repatriation of Ishi's brain from the Smithsonian Institute, and about how Ishi has touched the hearts of so many people.
Comment:  "We Shall Remain, Smoke Signals and Skins" are three projects directed by Chris Eyre. I can't imagine one film with that name. It's more likely the reporter heard the names of Eyre's films and weirdly combined them.

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