March 27, 2010

Guitarist Kabotie's trilingual lyrics

Guitarist pays homage to native roots

By Rick BrownKabotie describes his music as a hybrid style combining traditional American Indian music with modern influences.

“The lyrics are all centered around virtues that are meaningful to me,” he said. “It’s done with a lot of longing for home. I want to reintroduce those values to others. My music is trilingual with lyrics sometimes in English, sometimes in Hopi and sometimes in Tewa.”

Kabotie, 40, a Hopi, is from the Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico and the Hopi village of Shungopavi.

Kabotie’s grandfather, Edward Dozier, was an anthropologist who inspired Kabotie to research and write about American Indian history. Along his music, Kabotie also specializes in etch work and often collaborates with relatives who produce polished pottery. In addition, Kabotie creates paintings, silver jewelry and carvings.
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