March 16, 2010

Reactions to King Philip's War game

In response to King Philip's War the Game, Julianne Jennings has posted some comments on her Facebook wall. The invitation to a protest refers to this.Ron Henries (Little Crow): This King Philip's war game is not a game, it's a tool to teach how to be anti-Indigenous People. It's a tool to teach there's an us and them. It's time for inventors like them to realize that they didn't conquer us before and they never will now. The Elders have taught me that as long as our mind hasn't been tainted then we haven't been conqured. The Great Mystery gave us our path to follow and to respect All of Creation. Regardless of the color of our skin we are all a part of the Great Mystery's Creation which includes all of life and we must not allow people who seem to promote division pollute our minds. Thanks for the invite and I hope to be there.

John Goff: Yeah, this thing is in SUCH bad taste, it boggles the mind. We've got to get an amazing protest going on Saturday...and I would love it if a "new" King Phillip could speak about "his" war...and I'm going to see if maybe I could attend to photograph & film...because this is not just a Narragansett or Wampanoag issue. It's not just a Providence and RI issue. It is evidence of (sorry to say) dominant culture IGNORANCE...and this century needs to be better than that.

Dr. Carolyn Fluehr Lobban: Trust me, there would be no Wounded Knee game.

Robert Mcvay: Great article. Schmidt uses Davis's piece as a springboard for many excellent critical observations. This is good stuff.

Ann Mione: Wow--I am speechless. Unbelievable. Excellent that a protest is planned.

Ed Chandler: And the Colonial mistreatment continues towards Natives! This time, for the sake of the almight buck! Shall it ever stop? Massive and immediate protest is the only course of action.

Karen Salvucci: This is "HORRIFIC"....I feel there is no common sense any more....You used a good example, John, using the Holocaust....Another would be a game of Plantation Owners in a game of Winning Slaves....When does this all end??....There are still many prejudices amoungst Americans today toward Native Americans and a game like this only reinforces it in the minds of not only the small-minded, but their offspring....
Comment:  I'm glad Jennings's friends are getting so riled up about this. Such problematical things occur every week, but people usually don't take them this seriously.

For more on the subject, see Protesting King Philip's War Game and King Philip's War in After the Mayflower.

P.S. As usual, I've cleaned up the spelling and punctuation a little to make the comments more readable.

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