March 19, 2010

Outrage over Kesha's performance

Outrage is mounting over Kesha's stereotypical performance on Wednesday night's American Idol:

Ke$ha’s Lame Fashion Fail Stigmatizes Native Racism

By Neyom FridayI’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the pure incessant disrespect Native people endure. From situations like this to wannabe ‘holyman’ who want to smoke me with their cedar and take cash donations from the inside of his tipi/deathlodge. Enough is enough people. What more can I say or point out. Pride, honor and respect for our culture should be reason enough for us to stand together and let out voices be heard.

Letting time pass on this issue and being silent does nothing for our people. Or future generations. This bugs me. I am livid. Or better yet, I want to make this one of the nastiest messes she will ever find herself in. My first stop is her websites Ke$ha US and Ke$ha Canada. Then I’m sending American Idol an email. And lastly contacting Fox Broadcasting Company, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035, Phone: 310-369-1000, Fax:310-369-1283, Viewer Comment Line: 310-369-3066.
FOX phone rep says they are "tired hearing about the plight of Native Americans"

By AIM Santa BarbaraWe got feed back from someone that had called FOX, where the customer service person stated that "they were tired hearing about the plight of Native Americans"--so obviously, we need to keep calling them!

Thank you to EVERYONE that has gone out of their way to make their voice HEARD--if you get a chance you can read some of the postings on her FB page--it is quite entertaining, to say the least--there is a lot of valuable information there from relatives from all over--again thank you!

Please take 5 minutes, to piss someone off while doing a good deed!

american idol production phone #818-748-1100
public relations email:

idol.web@fox. com.
Some response to the AIM posting:Well, that is just too bad that FOX "is tired of hearing about the plight of Native Americans"....If FOX had not allowed "American Idol" and KeSha to show so much disrespect, then the network, series, and KeSha wouldn't be in so much hot water. This continued disrespect of Native American culture and Peoples by the network media will not be tolerated! To think that this garbage is till going on in 2010 is just sickening.

LOL...they're tired? They ARE TIRED? Well...I'd rather be tired of hearing about it...then frickin' exhausted from LIVING IT!

It's classic, though. Racists always try to turn it around and ignorantly accuse those who call them on their racism of being... racist. Or "mean." Whatever. Keep calling.
Comment:  I added the following thought to the discussion:

Have you read about the protest of the King Philip's War game taking place in Rhode Island Saturday?

Protesting King Philip's War game

If you get reporters and bloggers to cover the event, you can send a real message. Not "Stop picking on us poor Indians" but "We're here, we're strong, and we aren't stereotypical chiefs!" In other words, use Kesha's faux pas as a springboard to educate people about today's Indians.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I have thrown in my 2 cents and sent a couple emails from my different accounts. I also passed this along to comrades to encourage them to read this article and do the same. They have done so as well. I hope the message is clear to them. We will not tolerate our culture being "dissed" like that. Rendering them the idea that we are here to fight back.


Anonymous said...

For those who wish to voice out and take a stand against racist stereotyping of Nativez. One can address their opinions/complaints to this email:

Any questions regarding that performer on American Idol should be sent to that email above.


Anonymous said...

The only people I see here being racists is the ones complaining. It's called Freedom of Speech, protected under the First Amendment.
If you don't like it, watch something else!

Rob said...

Complaining about racism is the same as racism?! That "argument" is too stupid to bother with.

If you don't like this posting, Anonymous, read something else. The First Amendment protects my comments as much as it does Kesha's performance.

In other words, quit whining about protests you don't like. If you can't say anything intelligent, feel free to get lost.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think Ke$ha was purposely trying to offend anyone??? For gods sakes the girl would wear a garbage bag if it had glitter on it. And headdresses also look really cool. She's not a racist, she just has a unique style and adorable drunken sluttish charm.

Rob said...

An intent to offend isn't part of the definition of "racism." Something can be racist if the intent is benign or even positive.

Therefore, Kesha's motives are irrelevant. All that matters is the outcome, not the intent.