March 22, 2010

Eastern Cherokee hip-hop artist

Tribal Member breaking into Hip Hop on his terms

By Scott McKieIf you drive around Cherokee, you’ve probably seen a brightly decorated van touting a new album by Uno and his partner SC entitled “A Strange Revolt.” Uno (real name Matt Bryant), is an EBCI tribal member who is determined to make it in the hip hop world on his terms.

Working on his music for ten years, self-taught Uno is highly motivated and can feel himself getting better every day. “It takes thousands of hours to learn your skill,” he said relating that he feels musicians are 90 percent skill and 10 percent natural talent.

Uno is currently in a cross-promotional deal with McFarland Toys with Todd McFarland, the creator of the Spawn character and comic. Uno plans to promote his album and music at various car shows and events this year and hopes to start live shows this upcoming winter.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Online Radio for Native Hip Hop and Bolivian Indigenous Hip Hop.

Below:  "EBCI tribal member Matt Bryant, who records under the name Uno, poses by his RV which bears the graphics seen on his latest album with partner SC entitled A Strange Revolt." (Photo by Scott McKie B.P./One Feather)

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Anonymous said...

Great Album..Strange Revolt. I got it on Itunes. Can't get in in the record stores in AZ.