March 27, 2010

Cotillard's discovery of the Menominee

Marion Cotillard Interview PUBLIC ENEMIES

By Steve 'Frosty' WeintraubQuestion: Aside from the accent, what were the other challenges in creating this Midwestern American woman when you’re French and the French are supposed to be very sophisticated? Can you de-sophisticate yourself to play this woman?

Cotillard: I don’t think that I’m that sophisticated. Maybe I’m not aware of it, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say that it was a challenge, but it was so interesting. I never thought that I would have to play an Indian, well half French, but an Indian woman in my life. I got to discover Native American history and American history. So it was more like I opened a box with a lot of treasures about a culture that is not mine, but that is so interesting. I met these people from Menominee Tribe and it’s an amazing culture. I met with really amazing people. I was very lucky to be in a situation that I had to be one of them. I had to be one of the American history which is amazing for a hundred percent French girl. But I would say that the only big challenge for me was definitely the accent and that the rest of it was…it was the accent and also, I mean it was the biggest challenge to let it go and not think about it than to actually work on the accent. I think that when you work you can get somewhere. But all the rest was just a joy.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see (Mis)casting in Public Enemies and Dillinger's Menominee Moll.

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John said...

While "Public Enemies" had its interesting elements and the odd powerful moment, ultimately I found it to be a disappointment.

However, I left the film with the impression that Marion Cotillard stole the show, and ended up being the best thing about the movie. And that genuinely surprised me, given how big a fan I am of both Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. In my opinion, she overcame any hurdles of miscasting and most definitely earned her place in the movie.