March 17, 2010

Robot Lincoln vs. Zombie Jackson

Joshua Jones reviews a Web comic featuring Abraham Lincoln as a robot vs. Andrew Jackson as a zombie. As Jones notes,the resurrected Lincoln is sent on a mission:

Web comic review:  Wilson and Garrett's Zombie JacksonAndrew Jackson has been transformed into a zombie due to a long overdue Native American curse (Jackson was already a monster, he's just an undead monster now), and Robot Lincoln is charged with the task of delivering a serum that will quench Zombie Jackson's ghoulish appetite.

Upon arriving at The Hermitage, Robot Lincoln faces off against a small army of zombies, and eventually confronts the undead ex-prez in mortal combat minus the fatality. Jackson is portrayed as unreasonable, violent, and he comes across as a simple minded savage. In that respect, the comic gets a nod for accuracy.

Comment:  Other than the one line about the curse, there's no mention of Jackson's Indian-killing past in the comic itself. Jones the reviewer says more about it than the comic does.

In this obvious fantasy situation, using an "Indian curse" is relatively harmless. It's also relatively unnecessary. Jackson doesn't say anything suggestive like, "Those damn Indians finally got their revenge on me." The curse exists without context or commentary.

Jackson could be a zombie because he encountered a strange glowing meteor. Or because he inhaled a strange mix of swamp gases. There's no need or reason to invoke Indian "black magic." The creators have done it simply because it's the thing to do. If you need a supernatural effect and you can't explain it any other way, you can always blame it on an Indian curse or burial ground.

Anyway, the Web comic's story and art are simple but effective. I wouldn't pay $3.00 for it, but it's worth a few minutes to read it free online. If you're curious, check it out.

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Comics.

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Craig said...

interesting commentary on the "Indian Curse" that created Zombie Jackson. As the first issue was an origin story of Abe, Jackson was neglected. More emphasis on the curse and Jackson's zombie origins will be in future issues, if we ever get around to them! Thanks for reading.