March 31, 2010

Olympic snowboarder gets Hopi tattoo

Olympic snowboarder gets 'inked' with Hopi symbols

By Rosanda Suetopka ThayerOlympic snowboarder and gold medalist Shaun White, 23, was so inspired by his most recent win at this year's 2010 Olympic games that he and his father decided to commemorate the win by getting new arm tattoos.

At first, White's dad suggested, getting the Olympic circles or possibly a middle Eastern philosophy symbol, but White had his own idea.

He wanted to get a tattoo that symbolized the strength and endurance of America's First People and that was somehow connected to water or snow. That's when he saw the Hopi rain cloud symbol and knew that was the one for him. He had this symbol inked on his left forearm.

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Unknown said... only question is when will the T-Shirts and "tattoo'd" snowboards arrive?