March 02, 2011

Oxy to partner with Autry

Occidental to Partner with Autry National Center

By PJ MarescaOccidental may partner with the Autry National Center's Southwest Museum of the American Indian (SMAI), located on Mount Washington, according to Director of Communications Jim Tranquada. The purpose of this partnership would be to enhance the study of the Southwest at Occidental.

The museum closed its doors in 2009 due to financial issues. The Autry Center is currently searching for partners to help in reopening the museum.

"The Autry is one of a series of cultural institutions Occidental is talking to in order to explore the possibilities of institutional partnerships from which Oxy students could benefit," Tranquada said. "The kinds of programs under discussion include internships and docent opportunities for students, student and faculty access to museum archives for research purposes, sharing the costs associated with bringing in distinguished scholars who would be available to students and sharing visiting faculty."

Occidental used to have a thriving Southwestern studies program, and this partnership with the Autry National Center is a step toward renewing that program.
Comment:  Occidental was my college, and the Southwest Museum was where I started learning about Indians. I used to go to their exhibits, the annual art show, and the library once a month to read Indian newspapers.

Alas, Oxy didn't have a Southwestern studies program when I was there. I doubt any of their classes spent more than a few minutes on Indians.

For more on the subject, see Autry Drops Expansion Plans and Autry Museum vs. Southwest Supporters.

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