May 04, 2011

US couldn't change "Geronimo" codename?!

One of the sillier claims in the "Geronimo" codename controversy is that the US couldn't have changed the codename once it set it. On Facebook the debate went like this:Was the code name a creation of the Bush Administration?I'd guess no. But even if Bush created it, Obama stuck with it. I'd say the responsibility was Obama's.Well if it was a code name created by Bush (or Clinton for that matter), then I would accept an explanation from Obama that a name change would pose security difficulties and not be justified because it was offensive.I wouldn't accept that. And I'd still blame the original officials who came up with the idea.

At this point a second person chimed in:Well no Rob once a code name is set by the Military Command it is kept! Case in point how many administrations has the Project Blue Book existed over? Obama had nothing to do with the code name. And the name supposedly being offensive is of no concern to the Military in any way shape or form!No one I know of has said where the codename came from. If you have any information about that, feel free to provide it.

The commander-in-chief can overrule any decision by his underlings. And the military's lack of concern doesn't concern me.

Obama is getting a firestorm of criticism from the Native people he supposedly supports. If he's okay with aggravating key constituents who voted overwhelmingly for him, so am I.The code name was either given by the Intelligence or Military organisation. That is standard procedure!Operation Kick Butt

Naturally, I quickly thought of an exception to this "rule":

Operation Enduring Freedom was originally called Operation Infinite Justice. So spare us the fiction that presidents can't change the name of military operations in response to politics. They can and do.Never said they couldn't Rob.You never said, "Well no Rob once a code name is set by the Military Command it is kept!"? Could've fooled me.

Anyway, whoever said or thinks this, they're mistaken. "Operation Infinite Justice" is a perfect example of a military codename changed when people protested it.Remember Military thinking is not ever rational thinking. Sure some politician can change the names or wording if they have reasons. After all they changed most of the Treaties the government ever made with the Tribes!

I'm not wasting my limited brain power on what the Government did here, it's already History!

Not being short or rude with you Rob, I just figure the subject matter isn't worth my time! Though that may sound fickle as I get upset about other mundane subjects and go on about them too. Maybe I'm just tired today! Ciao
Things will go faster next time if you get your facts straight. <g>

P.S. As we learned in Why US Chose "Geronimo" Codename:It isn’t clear yet which branch of the military came up with the nickname—the Army, Navy, CIA or any of the anti-terror special forces groups involved in planning the raid—but it apparently wasn’t bin Laden’s nickname for very long.So the codename probably didn't originate with Bush. Obama gets full "credit" for another example of insensitivity to Indians.

For more on the subject, see Congress to Examine "Geronimo" Codename, Apaches Demand Apology for Codename, and Critics Slam "Geronimo" Codename.

Below:  Operation Kill Muslims in Revenge for 9/11 Infinite Justice Enduring Freedom.

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