July 10, 2011


Chickasaw.tv is reaching the Chickasaw Nation as well as the world

Internet network documents the culture, legacy and continuing contributions of the Chickasaw people

By Bryan Painter
Today, Chickasaw.tv is a high-definition, video-rich Internet network documenting the culture, legacy and continuing contributions of the Chickasaw people. Bill Anoatubby, governor of the Chickasaw Nation, says the network does for the 47,000 Chickasaws worldwide, and the public as a whole, what that black-and-white set did for him as a 10-year-old: It opens doors to information they didn't have, or didn't have as readily before.

Having launched Jan. 1, the network already has drawn visitors from all 50 states and 50 countries, the latter including Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil.
And:With nine channels and more than 1,200 videos, the network features CNTV news, with current events and public affairs coverage.

“It's been a revelation, I think, to everyone to have easier, greater access to the rich story of their history,” said Jeanette Elliott, executive vice president, creative services for Ackerman McQueen.

“There are Chickasaws around the world, and having an online capability like this allows them to reach out and touch their culture and understand and appreciate what's going on,” she said.

The options for information are plentiful whether it's “Hearing Elders Speak Chickasaw” on the History and Cultural Channel, or “Tours to Our Homelands: A Spiritual Connection” on the Destinations Channel or “Bedre' Chocolate” on the Commerce Channel.

Some 135 Chickasaw leaders, artists, historians and heroes were interviewed for Chickasaw.tv, including former astronaut John Herrington, archaeological specialist LaDonna Brown and Neal McCaleb, a former Oklahoma transportation secretary and former director of the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Cheyenne and Arapaho Educational TV and San Manuel Launches TV Channel.

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