July 14, 2011

HBO documentary on Ramapough Indians

Mann v. Ford Depicts Ramapough Legal Battle

By Daniel D'AddarioMann v. Ford is to air Monday night on HBO; the documentary deals with the lawsuit filed by Northern New Jersey’s Ramapough Indians against the Environmental Protection Agency after their land’s superfund status (due to Ford Motor Company pollution) spread cancer. The film’s co-director, Micah Fink, said that the film came together with the help of a funder who encouraged the directors to find a subject regarding Native Americans and the environment.

Was this benefactor Native American? “No—it was just one of his passions.”

“I didn’t realize there was a Native American tribe that close to New York,” said Mr. Fink, “and as I began to look into it, it became more fascinating.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Documentaries and News.

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