July 24, 2011

Norwegian killer hates multiculturalism

Another day, another conservative Christian killer:

Norway attacks:  Utøya gunman boasted of links to UK far right

Anders Brehing Breivik took part in online discussions with members of the EDL and other anti-Islamic groups

By Mark Townsend, Peter Beaumont, and Tracy McVeigh
The disclosure of Breivik's claimed links with far-right organisations came as details continued to emerge about the rightwing Christian fundamentalist and Freemason behind Norway's worst postwar act of violence.

It was revealed that the 32-year-old former member of the country's conservative Progress party–who had become ever more extreme in his hatred of Muslims, leftwingers and the country's political establishment–had ordered six tonnes of fertiliser in May to be used in the bombing. While police continued to interrogate Breivik, who was charged with the mass killings, evidence of his increasingly far-right world-view emerged from an article he had posted on several Scandinavian websites, including Nordisk, a site frequented by neo-Nazis, far-right radicals and Islamophobes since 2009.

The Norwegian daily VG quoted one of Breivik's friends, saying that he had become a rightwing extremist in his late 20s and was now a strong opponent of multiculturalism, expressing strong nationalistic views in online debates.
And:Breivik's Facebook page was blocked, but a cached version describes a conservative Christian from Oslo. The profile veers between references to lofty political philosophers and gory popular films, television shows and video games.The Nightmare in Norway and the Threat of Fundamentalist Christian, Blonde, Blue-eyed Terrorists in Our Midst

By Bill Berkowitz'He describes himself as a Christian, leaning toward right-wing Christianity, on his Facebook page,' Mr. Andresen said."

Sources in Norway told the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IREHR), "that Breivik has been known to write posts in right-wing internet forums in Norway, where he has described himself as a 'nationalist' and has also written numerous screeds critical of Muslims."

IREHR reported late Friday evening that "New evidence has surfaced indicating that Breivik appears to be a fan of the Tea Party's favorite Islamophobe, Pamela Geller. The website Little Green Footballs reports that he's been posting links to Geller's website Atlas Shrugged since at least 2009."
Norway treatise says 'indigenous Europeans' must be punished for 'cultural suicide'

The writings apparently by Anders Behring Breivik, the suspect in the twin terrorist attacks, highlight a trend of rising right-wing extremism that has been intensified by demographic changes in Northern Europe.

By Henry Chu
Investigators here in the Norwegian capital continued to pore over a 1,500-page treatise that was apparently posted on the Internet by suspect Anders Behring Breivik shortly before a massive bomb exploded Friday in downtown Oslo, followed by a shooting spree at a youth camp tied to the ruling Labor Party, which is relatively more tolerant toward immigration.

The chilling manifesto advocates an armed campaign against the Muslims it says are overrunning Europe. A hate-filled brew of political, ideological and militaristic cant, the treatise denounces Europeans who support multiculturalism and argues for spectacular violence using tactics similar to those seen Friday, such as adopting a police disguise to fool victims before killing them.
Comment:  So Pam Geller fanned the flames of hatred here (opposition to NYC "mosque") and in Norway. With all the right-wing hate speech, the only surprise is that there aren't more right-wing hate crimes.

This case is a perfect example of what happens when you take right-wing hatred of blacks, Latinos, Indians, Muslims, and gays to its logical extreme. You get terrorists who would rather kill people who disagree with them than live in peace with them. These fanatics are a danger to democracy and we should oppose them whenever and wherever we can.

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