July 17, 2011

Tyler Blackburn in The New World

Tyler Blackburn Joins 'Brave New World'Tyler Blackburn has joined the new NBC pilot, TVLine reports.

The 24-year-old actor will play John Lichtfield, a staff member at Pilgrim Village who’s “handsome, buff, tanned and shirtless; he’s everything you’d want in a Native American. Also starring Nicholas Braun and Anna Popplewell, the show is a workplace comedy that follows a pack of theme park employees who specialize in recreating 1600s New England.

What qualifies Blackburn to play a Native?

EXCLUSIVE:  Pretty Little Liars’ Tyler Blackburn talks Caleb, music, women, and the possibility of becoming a vampire!

By Gabrielle CompolongoYou’d make a great vampire. What kind of vampire would you like to play?

I’ve been told that many times, that I’d make a great vampire. I would love to play a bad vampire. Bad to the bone. That would be really fun.

I could see where people would see me playing either a vampire or a wolf. I do have Native American in me, and some people think that automatically makes for a good werewolf.

What are your nationalities?

It’s a mix. I’m a lot of European. I’m English, Welsh, Yugoslavian, and those two have a lot of darker features. I’m also Czech Republic and Cherokee and Comanche.
So Blackburn has to go far down the list to find his Native heritage. Since he isn't enrolled and doesn't participate in tribal culture, apparently, I wouldn't count him as Native.

A bit on his role in Brave New World, now called The New World:

The Futon's First Look:  "The New World" (NBC)

By Brian Ford SullivanThe plot in a nutshell:  "Pilgrim Village is supposed to be a historically accurate representation of a pilgrim community in the year 1637," explains owner Dick (Ed Begley Jr.) to his colorful collection of employees. Unfortunately for him, his "pilgrims" are mostly teenagers who could care less or head cases that care too much.

Along the way we meet the rest of the pilgrims: Hannah (Jazz Raycole), who takes performing a little too seriously; John (Tyler Blackburn), a Native American Adonis who's always hitting on everyone; Girish (Asif Ali), John's exasperated fellow Indian ("I'm an Indian playing a Native American," he quips. "I'm offending two types of people.")....

All in all, is there a silly five-minute sketch in here? Probably. A series?

The bottom line:  Probably not.
Comment:  Blackburn could be playing himself: a white guy of mixed blood trying to play an Indian. If so, the obvious question would be: Where are the real Indians? But my impression is that he's it: the "real Indian" of the cast.

Blackburn fits in with what I've been saying. Hollywood wants Indians only if they fit the "Native American Adonis" mold. Like Johnny Depp and Brandon Routh. Actual Natives with diverse ethnic looks need not apply.

Someone on Facebook agrees:What I don't understand is why there's an idea that you can't get the "Native American Adonis" look by hiring actual Native actors. Eddie Spears, Tokala Clifford, Tatanka Means...all young gorgeous Native actors who could have played this role, and just the three I could think of off the top of my head. Yeah, this guy is easy on the eyes for sure, as are Johnny Depp and Brandon Routh, but it's not like there are no actual Native actors that are equally as easy on the eyes.Anyway, The New World sounds pretty lame. "The Futon" calls it a "busted NBC pilot," so maybe we won't have to see it.

For more on casting, see Asian Indian Cast as Navajo and Fox Eliminates Diversity Department.


none said...

A little too pretty for my tastes.

I do have Native American in me, and some people think that automatically makes for a good werewolf. Thank Twilight for that. Ick.

I'll second the vote for Eddie Spears. :)

Lucy said...

So sick of everyone talking about vampres and werewolves. Enough already.

And that interview's a mess.

What are your nationalities?
"I'm also Czech Republic


Why does everyone find it so difficult to grasp the difference between nationality and ethnicity?

dmarks said...

Or some confuse "nation" with "nationality".

Jaine said...

L.E Falcone said
"I'll second the vote for Eddie Spears."

hehe, he gets my vote too

and ditto on the Twilight thing bleh