July 28, 2011

Tsimshian/Egyptian woman

The Muslim Experience in Minnesota--Nora Sadek

By Zafar SiddiquiNora Sadek is a medical student at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth campus.

Transcript of Nora Sadek's Interview:

My mother is Native American. She is actually Alaska native from Tsimshian tribe. So, it's a royalty tribe in Southeast Alaska and so we're a rare breed. And she was born and raised over there and lived in Seattle, Washington most of her life. My father is Egyptian. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and he was raised there until he went to Britain for a while. And then came to the States back in the early eighties to study and how they got married is a whole different story.

So, growing up in a bi-cultural home is always interesting. And what is so beautiful is that a lot of Native faith and Native culture is very in tune with Islam as well. It’s very family oriented, it is very cyclical, it is very community yet individual, you know, the individual living in the community. And she would always share that. But my mom would always share with us Native stories, we used to go to Pow Wows and. Those are different because they are more the, what we call the lower 48 Native Americans versus the Alaska Natives. But still my mom wanted us to be exposed to also who we were.
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Below:  "Nora Sadek--American of Native American and Egyptian Heritage, Student at Duluth Medical School."

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Egypt is beautiful. Alaska is beautiful. Their climates? Are total opposites. ;)