October 02, 2006

"Brocket 99":  humor or hate?

Vancouver filmmaker explores racist audio tape that became cult phenomenonOne part of "Brocket 99" features Scar solemnly announcing the death of a man killed while lying on the highway. While a piano softly tinkles in the background, the announcer--speaking in what's supposed to be an aboriginal accent--discusses the man's funeral and adds that "everybody who knew him is asked to attend and bring a case of beer."

In another segment, a man calls a substance abuse help line, only to receive directions on where to score alcohol and drugs.

A phoney commentary on substance abuse pretends to denounce the notion that "most Indians are drunken bums" with the announcer explaining that "only three are not drunkards and bums, but we're working on them very hard to get them associated with the rest of us and make sure they see our way of thinking and drinking."
For more on the subject, see "Brocket 99" Ain't Rockin' My World.

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