October 01, 2006

Sopranos sing about Indians

Speaking of Columbus Day...I finally saw "Christopher," the episode of The Sopranos featuring Indians. Here's a partial summary of it:It's October and at long last, time for opening arguments in the case of the United States v. Corrado John Soprano. But even though it's the first Soprano family trial in sixteen years and Junior could very well be sent away for the rest of his life, Tony's crew is preoccupied with charges being leveled against another Italian: Christopher Columbus. Columbus Day is only days away and the New Jersey Council of Indian Affairs is planning to disrupt the annual parade. At Satriale's, the feeling is unanimous: indignation at the Native Americans' effrontery. Silvio pretty much speaks for everybody--even Furio, who dislikes Columbus because he was northern Italian--when he asserts, "Ultimately, it's anti-Italian discrimination, " he says, "Columbus Day is a day of Italian pride, it's our holiday, and they want to take it away."

Tony's guys try everything they can think of to rescue Columbus from the red man's revenge. Ralph threatens to expose Iron Eyes Cody as an actor of Sicilian ancestry, but that turns out to be unfounded. Tony tries to get Councilman Zellman to intervene, but he begs off. Chief Doug Smith, CEO of a Mohonk casino, tells Tony he'll stop the protest, but he also fails. Ultimately, both the parade and the protest take place. And where was Silvio?

Enjoying the blackjack tables at Chief Doug's casino.
All in all, it was a decent exploration of prejudice against Indians, and Italians. And it's another posting involving Iron Eyes Cody. Must be his lucky week.

For more on the subject, see my review.

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