April 03, 2007

"Fans" smear Native actors

Welcome to the World of IMDBThey slither anonymously through the message boards typing typing typing some of the most gawdawful stuff about the actors whose profile they are posting on. In Indian country, because the celebrities in question are much more accessible and shop at Wal-Mart and have lives that include walking the dog and fighting with in-laws, the comments are even more personal, nasty and just plain creepy.


How about accusing the actor in question of being a wife beater? Speaking of wives, calling his better half a controlling bitch? Or, if the actor is a woman, of being too-fat-too-old-too-dumb-too-slutty? Then there’s the garden variety deadbeat parent, dope-smokin,’ lying weasel claims. Not perverse enough—how about sex with puppies? And, of course, the ugly charge of faking their Indian heritage. All of these, each and every one, has actually been posted on the fan “message boards” of a Native actor and/or actress. Each and every one.

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