April 03, 2007

Yup'ik scores on Deal or No Deal

Alaskan wins big money

Kurtz wins $204,000 on TV game show, and relaxes a littleWhen the TV game show "Deal or No Deal" announced Monday night that Alaskan Heidi Kurtz had won a satisfying $204,000, the bubbly single mother, watching at her South Anchorage home, crumpled against her grandmother and broke down sobbing.

Kurtz's appearance was also successful because of how she burst through people's TV screens with kinetic energy, bouncing with pride in her Native culture. She work kuspuks, sampled a bit of Yup'ik dancing and spoke of wanting a better life for her three young sons.


Anonymous said...

I am interested in the dance she was doing when she was winning. How can I find more information on the dance type?

Anonymous said...

"Holy Smokes"! Heidi Kurtz said toward the end of the show DEAL or NO DEAL. She was such a darling as she played the game with Howie Mandel. Her little dance on the show was so cute. It was a very emotional time for the contestant who came thru with FLYING COLORS. I admired her for sticking to her guns on decision to go just one more time and settled at $204,000. She was so deserving of her prize. I am very happy for her and her boys. It was a pleasure to watch her. Congratulations!!!!

Rob said...

I don't know how you'd find out more about the dance, Anonymous.