April 12, 2007

Hall of Fame athletes

Five to be entered into the American Indian Athletic Hall of FamePast inductees:

  • Jim Thorpe – Sac/Fox – Olympic Decathlon – Gold Medal

  • Allie Reynolds – Creek – New York Yankees – Pitcher

  • John Levi – Arapaho – All-American – Football

  • Buster Charles – Oneida – Olympic Decathlon – Silver Medal

  • Jesse “Cab” Renich – Choctaw – Oklahoma State – All-American – Basketball

  • Jack Jacobs – Creek – University Oklahoma Football – Philadelphia Eagles

  • Billy Mills – Sioux – Olympic 10,000 meters – Gold Medal

  • Tom Stidham – Creek – University of Oklahoma – Head Football Coach

  • Emmett Peters – Athabascan – Iditarod Champion

  • Alex “Sonny” Sixkiller – Cherokee – Seattle Seahawks Quarterback

  • Moses Yellow Horse – Pawnee – Baseball

  • Louis Tewanima – Hopi – Olympic 10,000 meters – Silver Medal
  • 1 comment:

    Rob said...

    Check your eyes, Russ. Sonny Sixkiller is 10th on the list.

    You've never heard of Jim Thorpe or Billy Mills?! You've got to be kidding me.

    Oklahoma Natives are well-represented on this list, although the chosen come from all over the country. Since this Hall of Fame is located in Oklahoma, its selection committee may favor Oklahomans. Or Oklahoma Natives may do well because they have more access to sports teams--unlike, say, Alaskan Natives.

    Do you know any major-league baseball, football, or basketball players who aren't on this list but should be? In any case, it's just a subset of the 95 previous inductees. You probably can find the full list on the Internet.