April 12, 2007

Volunteers love phony Indians

...The RIGHT to Indian Mascots. Tennessee Style You think, however, the controversy is over now that Chief Illiniwek has been dumped by the University of Illinois? Oh…but you underestimate the doggedness of those who believe trivializing an entire race of people is their GOD GIVEN RIGHT.

They haven't given up. The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill last week preventing the state from ever banning Indian mascots at schools. A companion bill is awaiting a vote in the state Senate as we speak.

That's right. A law from the state home to America's fave zinc-mining global warming demagogue. A law that says it is the legal, ethical RIGHT of schools to have be-feathered, rubber tomahawk waving doofuses in clown makeup prancing across football fields and basketball courts for as long as the wind blows, the rivers run and…

Well, you get the picture.

Now, get the video. From Nashville station WKRN…

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