April 11, 2007

Non-Indians line up for handout

Thousands jam casino hoping for a 'Deal'Tuesday's casting call for NBC's television game show Deal or No Deal at the Fort McDowell Casino drew thousands of folks seeking a $1 million briefcase.

Traffic was backed up along Arizona 87, the Beeline Highway, almost two miles toward Fountain Hills.

Many started lining up on Monday and slept in cars or tents while waiting for their big breaks.

Melanie Shirk, 47, of west Phoenix, said that she needed "a life change" and "money."

"It's not like you need a brain to do this," said the waitress and single mother of three. "You just have to pick a number. Even the losers win hundreds of thousands of dollars."
Comment:  And people say Indians are lazy bums who want a free lunch!

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