April 11, 2007

Skywalk may hurt Indians

Grand Canyon's South Rim Area Residents, Businesses Blast Bogus Promotional Efforts By Skywalk; Say Misleading Marketing, Negative Publicity Could Hurt Long-Term Regional TourismOperational problems and visitors' disappointment with the much-hyped Skywalk 240 miles west of Grand Canyon National Park has sparked national criticism from visitors and media, and is raising concerns among the canyon's South Rim area residents and businesses that the new attraction is more of a curse than a blessing for the region.

"In my 35 years I have yet to hear one person who hiked in Grand Canyon National Park, witnessed the unsurpassed view of the Canyon and the Colorado River, come away disappointed. Because they have misled people about the location of Skywalk, bad word of mouth won't just hurt the Hualapais, it will hurt all of us in northern Arizona," Vail said.

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