August 09, 2007

Why whites are scared

Whites Now Minority in 1 in 10 CountiesWhites are now in the minority in nearly one in 10 U.S. counties. And that increased diversity, fueled by immigration and higher birth rates among blacks and Hispanics, is straining race relations and sparking a backlash against immigrants in many communities.

Many of the nation's biggest counties have long had large minority populations. But that diversity is now spreading to the suburbs and beyond, causing resentment in some areas.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Interesting that your cartoon illo comes from THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN, in that most counties in Oklahoma indeed find Caucasians in the minority. This past election season especially brought that home in that my sister and her family became election activists and stimulated the minority vote in favor of Democrat incumbent Brad Henry for re-election as Governor. His opponent, Republican Ernest Istook, did not help his own case for the race because he, as one of Oklahoma's senior US Representatives, had voted against national legislation affecting minorities, most especially those anent Native Americans. In fact, Istook was one of the major forces in Congress opposing Native casinoes and supporting infringements on tribal sovereignty. The upshot was that Istook was defeated, Brad Henry immediately acknowledged that his victory came from within Oklahoma's minorities, and Istook was relegated into private law firm obscurity.
writerfella only can watch in amazement as his sister and her family now are gearing up to support Democratic candidates for Oklahoma US Congressional seats in the next election, so that the populace will vote out the Republicans and end Oklahoma's support of Bush Wars - The Phantom Menace.
All Best
Russ Bates