August 09, 2007

Woman wrestler from White Earth

Remembering the full life of Princess Tona TomahAmid the turmoil of late June, and the major media coverage of Chris Benoit's horrible actions, the passing of woman wrestler Princess Tona Tomah in Phoenix received little attention. It's unfortunate because she lived a full, fascinating life.

One of the few legitimate Native American professional wrestlers, Tomah toured the continent, dabbled in boxing, helped promote, and raised a gaggle of kids through a series of marriages. She died June 15, 2007, at the age of 72.

Born Mercedes Waukago on June 5, 1935 on the Whitearth Indian Reservation in Minnesota, she followed a sister into athletics and wrestling, working on the carnival circuit at the age of 14, taking on all-comers: men, women, and even de-clawed baboons.

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