February 23, 2008

Indian board game shows consequences

Rez Got Game aims to break down communication barriersThe American Indian-owned and operated company located on Montana's Flathead Indian Reservation manufactures and produces the colorful, silk screened tipi canvassed Rez Got Game board game, with naturally polished rocks as game pieces.

The game is played by having a player draw a card. Then they're asked to think, feel and act out potential real life scenarios.

"The child knows that there will be a consequence to their actions," Hamerburg said. "On a lighter note, when a child makes a poor choice, they will be asked to act out his choice, thus adding humor to the game."

The game can bring sensitive issues to the table. For example, teen players would be encouraged to discuss teen pregnancy, suicide and alcohol abuse. For the 8-12 bracket, they might go over issues that deal with smoking, divorce or family relations. For kids in the 5-7 category, they might talk about bullying or cheating.

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