February 16, 2008

Indians, eat your veggies

Study encourages Native Americans to return to traditional dietHeart disease continues to be the number one cause of death among Native Americans, and the Center of American Indian Health Research is responding to this concern with a unique study. "A Return to Balance", or the balance study is attempting to educate Native Americans about diet. The idea is to return to a diet consisting of vegetables and lean meats--the original diet of their ancestors.

Poolaw says she doesn't quite know why heart disease is so prevalent among Native Americans, but her theory is that this group has been exposed to very unhealthy and non-traditional foods.


Unknown said...

Where did you get that graphic? Its cute.

I did this a couple years ago.. switched to a diet that was as close to Tlingit as I could. Most of the symptoms of my fibromyalgia went away and I lost a bunch of weight. Unfortunately I got mercury poisoning from all the fish (any Inuit can tell you about THAT joy) and when I moved to SF I lost my motivation and willpower. So now I am up in weight, consuming mad amounts of sugar, and sick all the time.

Rob said...

Marty Two Bulls drew the cartoon for Indian Country Today.