February 23, 2008

Native firebrand is artistic force

Playwright-poet-actor-performer-book author puts genius where her mouth isMarcie Rendon. Mention her name in Twin Cities arts circles. Eyebrows arch and ears perk up. From grassroots organizations struggling on the sidelines to well-moneyed outfits, Rendon's reputation is one of artistic excellence articulating piercing commentary. For all that everybody and their sister talk about a need for change, this nationally accomplished playwright-poet-actor-performer-book author puts genius where her mouth is. Her drama SongCatcher (History Theater), Wisconsin Library Association Outstanding Book Award-winning children's book Pow Wow Summer (Carolrhoda Press) and the prestigious St. Paul Company's Leadership in Neighborhoods (LIN) award don't come near representing the breadth of Rendon's work. However, they flag this career firebrand as an artistic force with which it is wise to seriously reckon.Comment:  For more on Native playwrights, see Native Plays and Other Stage Shows.

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