February 26, 2008

Review of Teaching Disco

Dances with Teen Angst

Play Says We're All Disco Square DancersThree Lakota youths have only a few days to complete their school assignments. Kenny, the potential dropout, must demonstrate how to disco. Martin, the good boy from a bad background, must teach people to square-dance. Amanda, the brown-skinned girl with white parents, must interview some elders.

Best friends Kenny (Noah Watts) and Martin (Robert Vestal) decide to aid newcomer Amanda (TonantzĂ­n Carmelo) and combine their presentations. If you wonder how these presentations could possibly fit together, well, so do they. Whether the threesome will help, hinder, or hurt each other remains to be seen.

Thus begins Teaching Disco Square Dancing To Our Elders: A Class Presentation.
Comment:  See the Native talent in this play at Pix of Teaching Disco.

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Rob said...

An e-mail from Jean Bruce Scott, co-director of Native Voices at the Autry:

Thanks so much for sending me this! And thanks for the great review--you *got* it!