February 19, 2008

Redcorn the horndog

In last Sunday's new King of the Hill episode, John Redcorn made his first appearance in a while. It seems that while he was cheating on Dale Gribble with Dale's wife Nancy, he also was cheating on Nancy with a girl named Candi. He ended up fathering children with both women. Dale assumed that he was the father--that aliens had impregnated both women with his sperm.

Redcorn had his usual semi-stereotypical appearance: vest, bone choker, medicine pouch dangling from his neck. But he didn't say or do anything stereotypical--not even his usual New Age-y talk about healing. In fact, his behavior--stealing Candi (now calling herself Charlotte) from Bill Dauterive because of his insatiable sex drive--was refreshingly atypical.

For more on John Redcorn, see The Best (Only) Native Character.

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Anonymous said...

This guys makes it difficult for my brother Jon to pick up chicks.


Ryan Red Corn