February 22, 2008

Navajo mother shares stories

Introducing a Blog for Native MomsWe are Dine, or Navajo. Many concepts and philosophies in Navajo life, I was taught, are defined by the underlining theme of Hozhoo, or the Beauty Way. Navajo people strive for Hozhoo, beauty, balance or our concept of happiness. I strive for that everyday.

Also in Navajo philosophy of life, there should always be an "outlet," a way out. Literally, that is evident in the design of our Navajo wedding baskets and even in our cradleboards for babies.

To write this blog is my outlet. It is one of the ways I try to attain Hozhoo in motherhood and as a human being.

I hope to document my actions and thoughts and stories through the writing of this blog. I want to find some common ground with other mothers and define some ways that American Indian motherhood is truly unique.

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