February 19, 2008

Iron Eyes in Knight Rider

From the LA Times review of the new Knight Rider, 2/19/08:In a desperate attempt to make the now-clunky conceit mod-ern, writer David Andron apparently rifled the TV Writers Emergency Preparedness Kit and pulled out everything he could find--a little bit of camp (when Mike drops a potato chip in the car, KITT's screen flashes the weeping Native American from the old anti-littering PSA); a little bit of cable (good guy FBI agent Carrie Ruvai is not only played by Sydney Poitier's daughter Sydney Tamiia Poitier, she's also--gasp--a lesbian); a smidge of Oprah (at one point, KITT tries to get Sarah to talk about her grief); a dash of Coen brothers (a hapless motel clerk is gunned down for no reason); and a lot of footage from car commercials. We even get several cheesy shots of the Vegas Strip, though surprisingly (and mercifully) no Sinatra singing "This Town."

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