February 20, 2008

Silver Fox in Wolverine movie

Will there be an Indian in the upcoming Wolverine movie? Well, maybe.

Huston Joins Wolverine!

And is there word on Silver Fox?[T]hen there's the report that the role of Silver Fox has gone to neither Maggie Q nor Michelle Monaghan but Lynn Collins, a Texan actress who you might but probably won't remember as Mark Ruffalo's fiancee in 13 Going on 30. Or as Portia in the Al Pacino Merchant of Venice, or in multiple roles in The Number 23. Since Silver Fox is Native American (or rather Canadian) in the comics, Collins doesn't exactly look the part in the pictures we've seen, but perhaps she will by the time they're done--or possibly the character's backstory will be changed.

So good news on Huston, who's somewhat closer to Cox in type than Hall was. But what do y'all think about the Blob as a potential baddie, and Collins as a potential Silver Fox?
Silver Fox's backstory:Silver Fox is a lover of Wolverine who first appeared in Wolverine vol.2 #10, where she is raped and apparently killed by Sabretooth. She is later revealed to be alive and a member of "Team X," the best covert ops team the CIA had to offer, and is one of a few female victims of the Weapon X project. Fox betrays Team X and becomes a member of HYDRA, a subversive terrorist organization. She is later, finally, killed by Sabretooth under the control of the telepathic Psi-Borg, and Wolverine buries her body outside the cabin they once lived in together.

According to most accounts, Silver Fox lived with him in Canada at the dawn of the 20th century. She, a Native Canadian Blackfoot, and he, a frontiersman, enjoyed many happy times together. Sabretooth killed her on Logan's birthday, ostensibly when she rejected his advances.
Comment:  Blue eyes...pert nose...full lips...yep, Silver Fox is your typical Indian princess/white-man fantasy figure.

Maybe they'll change Silver Fox's backstory, or maybe Collins will be the umpteenth non-Indian to play a stereotypical Indian woman as sex object.


Stankoniforous 0ne said...

Was it your intent to make this chick look as fug as possible in the photo you provided? She look like she just blazed a pound of that sticky icky before struttin the red carpet.

Rob said...

No, it was my intent to provide a high-resolution picture of Collins so readers could compare her face to Silver Fox's. This picture was one of the best ones I found for that purpose.

Ms☆Go said...

Well, Lynn Collins is Silver Fox.
And I've seen the film.

I actually, came here to see if she had any actual Native ancestry.

I saw the infamous leaked print of the film.

She is as you said, a sex object and worse. Her powers are reduced so her character is a chess-piece that propels the main (white) character's story.

If you're comfortable, I'd be interested in learning about a particular plot-point and whether the lore they use is (as typical) made-up or sourced.