February 22, 2008


Short Takes:) Wajju.com...Erdrich’s “The Reptile Garden”Question: What is the most frequently cited frustration of Native filmmakers?

Answer: Getting their films SEEN once they are made.

Happily, the distribution problem facing indie filmmakers is beginning to change, albeit in small but significant ways—and for that we have the omnipresent web to thank. Evidence are sites such as www.isuma.tv which provide a free, accessible venue for Native films. Now, I am delighted to report, there is another site similarly dedicated to featuring documentaries. Whereas www.wajju.com is not restricted to screening only Native films, much of its 73 film library does have an international Indigenous flavor with the philosophy to use "documentaries to create a better future and energize the people of society." Is this cool? Yup, it sure is....

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