February 20, 2008

Warpath kills for X-Force

A look at the Apache superhero Warpath in the new X-FORCE comic.

X-Force #1: Angels and Demons: Part 1 of 6Overview

There are lines that the X-Men have sworn never to cross. But after the shocking events of “Messiah Complex,” Cyclops realizes that some enemies need to be dealt with permanently… and the X-Men can never know about it. Enter WOLVERINE, WARPATH, X-23 and WOLFSBANE...X-FORCE.
Sunday Slugfest:  X-Force #1Paul Brian McCoy:  1 Bullet

What we've got here is an X-team designed to do the dirty work that The X-Men can't publicly take credit for. By this I mean kill people. Lots of people. That's the whole point of this book. There are religious fanatics out there who are killing mutants, so Cyclops decides to sanction a team to go out and kill the religious fanatics. Wolverine is on point, and X-23 is along for the ride. They're both experienced killers, although X-23 has apparently been trying to reform. So much for that. Warpath, who began entirely motivated by seeking vengeance, but had been making headway developing into a real character, is back swearing to kill everyone involved in killing his buddy, Caliban.

All in all, there's practically nothing in this book that I like. The characterizations, the dialogue, the plot, the costume design, the layouts, nothing. Well, the backgrounds are good. Other than that, it's just awful.

Awful. The worst Marvel book I've read in years.
The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character:  James Proudstar, Warpath of X-ForceNovaya Havoc
08-29-2006, 04:58 PM


No matter what we do to lessen the hoooorrribly stereotypical outfit (X-Force), Warpath always has to bust out with the leather fringe and feathers. Even now, he's back to using knives. 1950s Western, thy name is Warpath.

And again with the code-names: Warpath. Hmm. Seems like a gentle and loving soul. Compare it with other codenames: Iceman, Polaris, Dazzler, Longshot, Psylocke, Cypher. Innocuous names that either describe a person's powers, or at least don't invoke a feeling of DOOM.

Evil, angry, knife-brandishing Warpath. Such an angry man. But contrast this with Moonstar/Mirage/Dani/Whatever-she-goes-by-now who's power was to emote with animals. More gender bias at its best along a stereotypical strata.
Comment:  When you need a ruthless killer, who ya gonna call? An Indian, of course.

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