June 06, 2008

Fastest Native on Earth?

Native Speed Skiing All-American Record Holder to defend Title

Ross Anderson sets goals higher than ever for 2008 seasonRoss Anderson has been number 2 in the World Pro division and in 2005 he earned him the Bronze medal in Cervinia, Italy at the World Championships World Cup skiing. He has held the National champion title for the last five years in a row, and announced today his new goal for 2008 is to break the World Speed Skiing record. Lofty? Yes. Attainable? Definitely.

Speed skiing is widely considered one of the most extreme and most dangerous sports on the planet. It is second only to skydiving as the fastest non-motorized sport. He broke that All-American record in 2006 with a speed of 154.06 mph as he screamed down the hill in Les Arcs, France earning him the 9th all time fastest speed in recorded history.

He broke more than the All-American record that day. He also made history in the books to be the first person of color in an Alpine sport to hold a title record. Ross is a Native American from the Mescalero Apache and Cheyenne/Arapaho Tribes.

“I have a personal dream of becoming fastest in the world. I intend on attaining that dream with my eyes wide open.” Ross Anderson said, “I will continue to make a name for myself and to become a role model for Native American youth across this country. I set out early in my career trying to be the fastest Native American on Mother Earth, and becoming the All-American record holder proves dreams can become reality.”
Comment:  So Anderson aims to be come the fastest non-motorized Native on Earth. I can't think of any way to go faster while remaining on the ground and not using motorized equipment of some sort.

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