December 16, 2008

December Stereotype of the Month loser

The loser:  Indian societies practiced misogyny, torture, and cannibalism

Dishonorable mention:  Kid Nation:  Wise Pueblo Indians live in teepees in wilderness


Anonymous said...


I was told years ago by a white history professor at a mid-West college that the Winnebago tribe practiced cannibalism - I have found no references to this on the Internet.

Rob said...

I wouldn't necessarily take references found in non-Native books and websites seriously, but you can find such mentions on the Net.

A Native American Encyclopedia

The Winnebagos were cannibals.


Among the North American tribes which practised cannibalism in some form may be mentioned the ... Winnebago.

Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands

A Winnebago Vision Experience for War Power

When the young man got there, he saw four men. They were called cannibals, and they were brothers.