December 20, 2008

Lakota thinks mascots honor him

In the comments on Indians and Tigers and Sharks...Oh My! J. Kills Straight (Lakota Sioux) wrote:Professional sports and collegiate athletics choose to fly the Native mascot image because it empowers them to associate themselves with some of the most fearsome natural warriors in history.My response:

Below are some of the "warriors" non-Indians want to associate with. Another one is at right. Is this an image of one of your Lakota ancestors, J.? Because he doesn't look so tough to me.

"I'm a big, bad Lakota warrior," he's saying. "I'm gonna scalp you with my tommy-hawk as soon as I finish my little war dance. If that doesn't work, I plan to make you die of laughter."

I'm glad you don't mind being compared to a big-nosed dolt or devil, J. I trust you don't look as stupid and ridiculous as these Indian "warriors." But since you're defending them, maybe you do resemble them, eh?

Let us know which of these mascots you embrace as a fellow Indian warrior, okay? Inquiring minds want to know.

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dmarks said...

Wauwatosa East, home of the fighting Red Aaron Spelling.